/Indie Bookshop Boom During Pandemic
Indie Bookshop Boom During Pandemic

Indie Bookshop Boom During Pandemic

Indie Bookshop Boom During Pandemic – a dream come true

Independent Book shops are boosting High Street sales across the country. According to the Booksellers Association more than 50 of them opened in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

Demand for books during the difficult year inspired many to open a local bookshop so that the community had a choice and expertise.  A key advantage is that locals can purchase their books around the corner with service and sales matching the bigger chain stores.  No need to travel.

Should you want to take the plunge and open a bookshop help is at hand.  The Booksellers Association will guide and offer advice.  They can be reached by visiting:  https://www.booksellers.org.uk/

ynuk.tv found out more about the new smart Indie business.

Bookshop videos courtesy: The Hastings Bookshop info@hastingsbookshop.co.uk 

Ginger and Pickles Bookshop, Edinburgh hello@gingerandpicklesbookshop.com 

Are you an Indie fan?  Do you read a lot?  Is lockdown good for reading?  Have you always read books?  Do you read to go to sleep?  How many books do you have?


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