/London Olympics 2012 – brought gold to the UK – watch again

London Olympics 2012 – brought gold to the UK – watch again

London Olympics 2012  –  Brought gold to the UK 

Watch videos that will bring back memories of the great days of fun for the spectators

London Olympics 2012 – brought gold to the UK

Many great athletes in the UK and across the globe took part in the Olympic Games.  And many amazing volunteers also involved in making the athletic event magnificent. Volunteers admired by everyone as they carried out their role of helping the public during their visit. The volunteer stood out at every corner of the Olympics.

Spectators from across the nation and worldwide were among the fantastic and enthusiastic crowd.  Thousands filled the stadia where they were promised to see great performances from athletes of the world.

Leading up to and throughout each day’s event a story was going on. So this is a selection of Olympic Games news videos in a playlist to stream.

Viewers can watch a variety of stories with a great tale to tell.  Capture the pride and joy that enveloped the United Kingdom during the Games.  Meet many of the people who helped contribute to making everybody feel happy and successful.

A great selection of videos have been produced.  They are a view of how the Games spread fame and fun for two weeks in the Capital.  Will it ever happen again?

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