Tokyo 2020 has a new date. The Olympic Games werel scheduled for July but the coronavirus pandemic has led to the sporting events being postponed
Coronavirus: Excel Centre turned into hospital. The massive building will accommodate about 4,000 hospital and will have NHS medics with military help
PM Boris Johnson has coronavirus. He made the announcement on twitter. He developed mild symtpoms and is self-isolating in Downing Street


UK applauds coronavirus health workers. The country remains in lockdown but on 26 March residents showed their gratitude for those treating the virus
NHS Chris Whitty: protect yourself. He is now in self-isolation as he tested positive for COVID-19. He had launched campaign in fight against the virus
NHS Nurses Basildon Hospital - dancing a thing you do when life is pretty grim and theres no stopping the Basildon theatres frontline crew. What a team!
Community Coronavirus and kind-hearted people. An 'army' of volunteers making sure local and nearby residents are being cared for with offers of help

Out and about

Meghan and Harry at Lion King Premiere. Perfect Hollywood scene for Duchess of Essex. With coronavirus they fled to California to live in Los Angeles
#SpaceConnectsUs live online event. Connect with astronauts, scientists, performers bring a message of hope and support for those facing the global Coronavirus crisis
Frozen 2 and Charades.Take a look at Anna leading the way in a game of charades. Is she any good? Elsa and the others don't think she is
Vatican Media Live. Italy is in lockdown after coronavirus outbreak The Pope's Sunday mass to the public no longer happens. The square remains empty


Downing Street coronavirus update - 28 March. It follows news that the UK's death toll from the virus passed 1,000. Also, more tests, and hospitals
Update on coronavirus 27 March. Michael Gove will host. It comes after Prime Minister and Matt Hancock confirmed tested positive for coronavirus
Chancellor update self-employed. An announcement on paying up to 80% of their recent earnings to help contain the economic impact coronavirus