Boris and Carrie expecting baby. It's due early summer. This Carrie's first baby while Boris has children. April 5 Boris in hospital with coronavirus
Queen: We will meet again .The pre-recorded message responds to the pandemic and filmed at Windsor. There's praise for health workers
Nightingale hospital opened Excel Centre. The first of government's emergency field hospitals to treat coronavirus patients. It will hold about 4,000 beds


Billie Eilish: No Time To Die. Watch the pop sensation and how her stunning track comes together with the haunted solitude of its leading man James Bond
Prince William is at Centrepoint, a charity for homeless, to promote album with UK's top pop stars to raise funds. He won friends and fans
BepiColombo: first flyby. ESA’s first mission to Mercury temporarily returning to Earth for first planetary flyby on 10 April 2020. Launched Oct 2018
Karen cancer patient stays at home. She won an award as a trainee broadcast journalist. She now uses the skill to tell her story of life in self-isolation

Out and about

NHS Staff: "please stay home". Frontline staff around the world battling coronavirus joined forces to tell people to 'stay at home.' They have this message
Clap for Carers: UK applauds - NHS staff and key workers People across the country saluted the many who are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic
NHS Nurses Basildon Hospital - dancing a thing you do when life is pretty grim and theres no stopping the Basildon theatres frontline crew. What a team!
Tokyo 2020 has a new date. The games now scheduled for 23 July 2021 – 8 August 2021. Cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic


Govt news briefing coronavirus 6 April. Very likely to get update on the PM's condition in hospital. Is he able to do his job? Also what's new with COVID-19
Labour: Sir Keir Starmer new leader. The lawyer, who became an MP in 2015, won on the first round of voting by reaching more than 50% of the vote
Govt COVID-19 update 5 April. Exercise outside the home could be banned if people ignore the lockdown rules on staying at home and social distancing