Caraboa Cup Final Build-up LIVE from Wembley - Reds look to secure 10th League Cup trophy, facing the 2022 opponents at the national stadium
King opens some of the 7000 letters and cards - he was tickled pink by messages from well-wishers around the world since cancer diagnosis.
Plymouth bomb detonated at sea - The device was taken by boat beyond the breakwater and detonated at 21:51 GMT. It was found in a local garden


Loose Women ITV's Britain Get Singing winners. The team were superb and had judges and audience in tears with 'Bridge over Troubled Water'
Justin Timberlake performs - Selfish. Watch dance tricks, furniture moves as Justin sings track from new album 'Everything I Thought It Was'
Cillian Murphy wins best actor at Baftas - he won the award for his role in Oppenheimer an epic biographical thriller about the atomic bomb
Dancing on Ice Tina Turner style. Cast from the exciting Tina the Musical join Dancing on Ice with special dance of 'Rolling on the River'

Watch Again

Award winning fashion designer Emily Carter uses British silk for her creations. She specialises in hand made illustrated silk collections
Community playwrights showcase at Riverside. It's part of a project called Riverscribes for the locals to present their work on stage
Fashion Designer Award for Angelman Syndrome Charity. New designers got together to raise awareness of Angelman Syndrome a genetic disorder.
Tiny Talented Teen Sings Jazz. Lara is 3ft 3in and loves jazz she has a physical impairment that restricts her growth but its not stopped her


Penny Mordaunt as Hoyle faces calls to resign - in the Commons after accusing speaker of making a decision “that undermines confidence”
Speaker apologises after Gaza ceasefire chaos - he issued an apology after a fractious and occasionally chaotic parliamentary debate on Gaza
Committee of MPs: music industry 'boys club' - a published report concluded that sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse was "endemic"