/Electric Cars Key to Urban Driving – join the trend drive electric
Electric Cars Key to Urban Driving

Electric Cars Key to Urban Driving – join the trend drive electric

Electric Cars Key to Urban Driving – more electric chargers needed 

Driving an Electric Vehicle is a growing trend in the suburbs.  They are smooth and a great ride.  Also, eco-friendly campaigns, including the Government, urge for more to be used on the road. Aim is to have majority of vehicles on the road electric by 2035.  But more likely to be 2040. Time important.

In the video Meet a family in North London who not only is eco-friendly but also recognise the value and power of an electric car.  They’ve dumped the petrol vehicle they had bought. No longer polluting the air waves in the area and around the city.

The electric vehicle is no longer limited to the city and business areas of London and other cities in the UK.  They are beginning to emerge in the suburbs. EV cars can be seen along residential areas.  Parked in bays where a charger installed.  If one can be found.  Calls to have more chargers on the urban streets.


Chargers for the vehicles now accessible on motorways across the country. But not in residential suburbs.  Drivers search for one on the street.  At this stage not easy to find.  They are few and far between.

Community wants the Government to invest in the electric chargers. It would help to have more placed on the streets in dense areas.  Not everyone has a drive or easy access to a power socket inside their home. Houses are narrow with small frontage.  Streets packed with parked cars.  Space difficult to find.

Would you buy one?  Do you have one?  Is it the way forward? Are there chargers in your area?  Would it be more economical to have an e-car?

Electric Vehicles

The vehicles topping the list are: Nissan Leaf, BMWi3, Model S, Zoe, and Nissan E-NV200 van. But this can vary as more models come on the market.

To buy one is expensive.  But to lease an electric car is more affordable.  To use electricity is the cost when plugged into a power socket at home. Electric bill will increase but not by a lot.  Critics say bills are surprisingly low. Better than filling up with petrol? Filling up at a petrol pump is costly. Likely to be done two or three times a week. Worth a try?

Are you an electric driver?  Would you switch from gasoline?  Change is on the way.  Production of future vehicles will be


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