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Top Videos

Top News Videos is a chart of ten of the best community related stories.  Here, watch the results of hits and visits from viewers across the nation.  The count monitored by our You Tube channel.  This is how the current playlist looks

Top Videos

These videos take the viewer on a journey of action and connections among the community.  They make-up a list of how the public responds to local news.  

Take a look at what has emerged.  Follow the changes.  Videos can move up, down or even drop out.  New ones enter the chart. Fascinating to see how news items reach the top or remain at the bottom half of the list.

Videos produced cover subjects that matter. A sudden video entry usually stems from a fresh interest in a subject.  We get viewers from around the globe even though the channel’s target is the Unite Kingdom.

Connect with what happens in the community. Local stories can inspire or even surprise.  The content tells of everyday issues that affect people. Often not seen anywhere else.  If there is anything missing let us know.

Be impressed. Watch ideas emerge from neighbourhoods. Be entertained.  Ynuk.tv gets close with sport. Fans are the favourites.

Experience watching videos on the go.  No matter where you are if you have a signal you have YourNewsUKtv.  Just key in ynuk.tv on your smart phone, ipad or tablet and you’re there.

ynuk.tv is mobile friendly

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