/Police bust global cyber gang
Police bust global cyber gang

Police bust global cyber gang

Police bust global cyber gang – 37 arrested worldwide

Police bust global cyber gang

The Police have taken down a gang accused of using a technology service that helped criminals use fraudulent text messages to steal from victims.

They have arrested 37 people worldwide and are contacting victims.

The arrest in this video made in South London.

Officers say younger people who grew up with the internet were the most likely to fall for the “phishing” scam.

The technology allowed scammers without technical skills to bombard victims with messages designed to trick them into making payments online.

Police targeted the gang’s site, LabHost, which helped criminals send the messages and direct victims to fake websites appearing to be legitimate online payment or shopping services.

It had enabled the criminals to steal identity information.  This included 480,000 card numbers and 64,000 Pin codes, known in criminal slang as “fullz data”, the police said.

Detectives do not know how much money stolen but estimate the LabHost site made nearly £1m ($1.25m) in profits.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Dame Lynne Owens said: “You are more likely to be a victim of fraud than any other crime.

National Economic Crime Centre director Adrian Searle said: “Technology enables crime to be delivered at scale in an almost industrial fashion.”

The arrests result of a two-year operation involving the Metropolitan Police.  Also, National Crime Agency, City of London Police and law-enforcement bodies in 17 countries.


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