/Blackburn of Youth – teenagers in boardrooms
Blackburn of Youth

Blackburn of Youth – teenagers in boardrooms

Blackburn of Youth

Blackburn in Lancashire is a town where one in four people is under the age of 15. The figures are from the Office for National Statistics. This has had an influence on people in business becoming younger and younger.

Those involved with the youth of Blackburn praise the determination and initiative the young generation is demonstrating.  They also admit that without the drive of young people the city would be struggling to continue with an economic plan that would help reduce austerity and improve the standard of living for everyone

Young people

20 years ago new immigration from the Commonwealth, mainly India and Pakistan arrived in the town.  10 years ago officials were worried about the cost of living when cotton mills and engineering works closed down.  But it seems the solution could lie in the Town’s high concentration of young people.

They have demonstrated the desire to be ambitious and successful at what they do.  And it seems the Local council authorities support them.


Visiting the city gives an insight into the population level and ages.  In some areas there was poverty but in others there were signs of prosperity.  Young people were everywhere with many of them attending university if they were not already in business

The University is like a magnet for the young.  They are eager to be educated so that they can fulfill their ambitions. This means classes are full when it comes to learning the skills of business life.

Students can be seen everywhere in the City.  They are eager and love to mingle. Their presence is a great scene.

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