/PO Inquiry: van den Bogerd gives evidence – truly, truly sorry
PO Inquiry: van den Bogerd gives evidence

PO Inquiry: van den Bogerd gives evidence – truly, truly sorry

PO Inquiry: van den Bogerd gives evidence – LIVE

PO Inquiry: van den Bogerd gives evidence

Bogerd: defends missed emails in 2010, 2011 and 2014

Angela van den Bogerd, a former senior director in the Post Office working with sub-postmasters gives evidence at the inquiry for two days.

Angela opens with an apology:  “I am truly, truly sorry for the devastation caused to you, your family and friends,” she tells the inquiry.

Van den Bogerd worked for the Post Office from 1985 – 2020.   The former senior director worked way up from branch level to head of partnerships before leaving in 2020.

The former senior director described as the executive who knew more about the bug-prone Horizon IT system than anyone else.  Also personally involved in handling sub-postmasters’ complaints.

Between 1999 and 2015, more than 900 sub-postmasters were prosecuted because issues with Horizon made it look like money was missing from branches.

For the sub-postmasters this is the biggest moment for the Inquiry so far.

Angel can den Bogerd was personally involved in many cases and oversaw complaints from sub postmasters.  Also heavily involved in the mediation scheme supposed to help victims, but which later collapsed.

There are many more questions to answer now, given what’s emerging about the decisions made and what many increasingly believe is a massive cover up to protect the Post Office brand and its faulty IT system which was simply too big and important to fail.


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