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Benefits Supermarkets Rollout in UK

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Benefits Supermarkets are to open across the nation in an aim to help what has become known as a hunger crisis among those living in poverty.

They will offer cheap food – normally thrown out to waste even though good enough to eat – for those desperately hungry and with little money to feed themselves.

It is selling surplus food and drink to people on the verge of food poverty. Products on the shelves will be up to 70% less than high street prices.

The shop opened in West Norwood, south London, with a further 20 in the pipeline. The Community Shop is a subsidiary of the Company Shop Group. They aim to tackle food waste and food poverty, two significant challenges in the UK.  The Group said they are overwhelmed with the help they’re given from national supermarkets such as Tescos, M&S and ASDA

The cost of food on the shelves has been reduced by as much as two thirds.  This is mainly for shoppers struggling with poverty and on benefits.

However, customers have to prove they are on welfare to be able to shop at benefits supermarkets.

An All-Party Parliamentary inquiry described the idea as making “a real and positive difference to people’s standards”.

Ynuk.tv went to the supermarket and found benefits shoppers buying food they once could not afford. They were also able to sit down and have tea or coffee costing very little or on the house. A great place to be


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