Food Banks Thrive In UK – spreading across country

Food Banks Thriving In UK donations
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Food Banks, where you can get food for free, have become a popular way for the poor to feed themselves.

In the UK statistics show people across the country are struggling to be able to buy food with the continued austerity measures.  In many cases poverty has led people to use the free food service to help feed their families. The practice has been criticised and there have been calls to re-think Welfare cuts and how the economic budget is dealing with the problem.

Food Banks

Last year, Tesco’s linked up with Trussell Trust charity for a nationwide campaign to collect food.  In Bury St Edmunds, the supermarket gave the go ahead for local charity to collect donations for food service in the area.  Demand for handouts has spiralled and in nearby Haverhill many struggle to feed themselves. They have a team of volunteers ready to hand out to those who need the food.  As people left the supermarket their donations were gratefully received


The Reach charity stepped in and collected trolley loads of food donations from shoppers. For more




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