ideal male and female faces

Most Beautiful Faces Created by E-fit – stunning!

Scientists at the University of Kent carried out a study using e-kits to create male and female faces. They were the results of Brits who gave their view of gorgeous looking men and women. Samsung is behind the idea to launch its Galaxy S6 phone

Best Fish and Chips in UK winner

Best Fish and Chips Shop in UK –…

Customers from near and far travel to The Golden Fish to buy their fresh fish and chips. Named as the best in the nation tourists are now making it a hot spot to visit as well as celebrities popping in. After a tasting can say they well deserve the accolade.

benefits supermarkets

Benefits Supermarkets Rollout in UK – cheap food

Surplus food in supermarkets will be feeding many in the population suffering from hunger and starvation. Those who receive benefits will be able to shop for extremley cheap bargains as well as receive services support

Stellar person Rebecca Dunphy

Rebecca a Stellar Person of Wine – tasted…

Highly ambitious and determined to make it to the top Rebecca is now writing for Sainsbury’s and has her own TV wine tasting shows. But it wasn’t easy – those who obstructed her were men. They didn’t approve of women in the wine industry. Watch Rebecca’s story and cheer her on!