/Sunak – Starmer clash over taxes
Sunak - Starmer clash over taxes

Sunak – Starmer clash over taxes

Sunak – Starmer clash over taxes – including Angela Rayner’s tax  issues

Live: PMQs – Sunak takes questions in parliament

PM: Labour’s economic policies would be a disaster.  Always the same with Labour – higher taxes.

Sunak tells Starmer to focus on Rayner’s tax advice.  Labour’s economic policies would be a disaster.

Starmer: PM is smearing a working class woman.

Starmer: No PM has put put tax up more than Sunak has

A number of issues argued during Question Time.

Rate of inflation not as good as Sunak promised.  And possibly the Smoking Bill passing in Parliament yesterday.

Rishi Sunak claims the latest figures show his economic policy is working.

The UK’s annual inflation rate fell by less than expected in March to 3.2%,

His message: if we stick to the plan, we can ensure that everyone has a brighter future.

The investigation into Angela Raynor, deputy Labour Leader could be another subject however, if police have begun their search then it won’t make PMQs.

A lot is being said today about Liz Truss.  Her book is published today and she says Nigel Farage should be a member of the Conservative party.

What are your thoughts on this?


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