/Sunak – Iran dangerous and reckless
Sunak - Iran dangerous and reckless

Sunak – Iran dangerous and reckless

Sunak – Iran dangerous and reckless – watch again

Sunak – Iran dangerous and reckless

Rishi Sunak has called on “all sides” to “show restraint” after Iran’s attack on Israel on Saturday.

The PM said he would speak to his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu to express solidarity and discuss how to prevent “further escalation”.

Mr Sunak told MPs Iran’s actions were “reckless and dangerous”.

Tehran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel in retaliation for a deadly air strike on its consulate in Damascus.

Israel said 99% of the projectiles had been intercepted with help from allies – including the US, UK and Jordan.

In a statement in the House of Commons, Mr Sunak confirmed the RAF had intercepted “a number of Iranian drones.  Also said the air force “the best of the best”.

PM: The conflict in Gaza must end.  Iran attack “dangeorus and reckless”.  Nothing in last 48 hours affects position on Gaza.

Israel has our full support

Starmer:  Diplomatic premises should not be attacked.  Iran must be wholly condemned.

The UK joined Israel’s defence against Iran in order to prevent an escalation of the conflict, Lord Cameron has said.

RAF jets intercepted a small number of drones bound for Israel in Iran’s first ever direct attack on its territory.

The foreign secretary told the BBC the attack was a “double defeat” for Iran that could have resulted in thousands of casualties and led to greater escalation had it been successful.


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