/Rare Palace Peak – tours for the public
Rare Palace Peak

Rare Palace Peak – tours for the public

Rare Palace Peak – tours for the public

Rare Palace Peak – tours for the public

For the first time, the public can now experience the view from the royals‘ perspective as the East Wing of the palace opens to visitors.  This is a rare opportunity offered by the King and Queen.

Guided tours will include the Centre Room of the palace, which leads to the balcony.

This is where the Royal family gather before appearances on the balcony.

While visitors won’t access the balcony itself, they can peek through the net curtains to catch a glimpse of the view, famously enjoyed by the King and Queen as they wave to the crowds on the Mall.

It follows more than seven years of improvement work to protect the palace from fires and floods.

Small groups of visitors can tour rooms and areas like the Principal Corridor, which stretches along the wing.

This is bound to be a massive success.

Tens of thousands crowd to the Buckingham Palace to catch a view from outside.

Would you like to see inside?  Imagine visiting rooms where the late Queen used to work and spend time.  Also where her children would run around.

Has King Charles done the right thing?  He has also opened the doors to the public at his holiday home in Balmoral.

Since 1837 Buckingham Palace has been the certified London home of Britain’s monarchs. It continues to be the London home of King Charles the 3rd to this day


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