/The Bikeriders -trailer – 21 June
The Bikeriders -trailer

The Bikeriders -trailer – 21 June

The Bikeriders -trailer – lands in Uk cinemas 21 June

The Bikeriders – trailer

Bikeriders follows the rise of a midwestern motorcycle club, the Vandals. Seen through the lives of its members, the club evolves over the course of a decade.  This from gathering place for local outsiders into a more sinister gang, threatening the original group’s unique way of life.

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The Bikeriders set in a world in which the increasingly careworn gang leader competes for the affection of his toughest follower with the man’s girlfriend.  At the same grooming the rider as an heir.  Yet this is a group where the biker king  challenged for the crown by any subordinate.  This according to the rule of his own violence-democracry.   The incumbent gruffly asking: fists or knives?

Unlike the heroes of Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider – a film which provides employment for one of the group – the bikeriders have no end or quest in view.

Bikeriders drift around, assemble for “picnics” in green spaces.  Riders churn into mud during races and get into fights with other gangs. Later, Bikeriders invite them to have beers.

Director – Jeff Nichols

Writer – Jeff Nichols

Stars – Jodie Cromer – Austin Butler – Tom Hardy


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