/Knife Angel Lands In Liverpool
Knife Angel Lands In Liverpool

Knife Angel Lands In Liverpool

Knife Angel Lands In Liverpool – don’t miss the video.

It is built out of knives handed in to police or confiscated following a criminal activity.  Knife crime is highest in 8 years.

This 27ft sculpture landed outside Liverpool’s Cathedral in the heart of the city in November, 2018, and was there until Thursday January 31.

More than 100,000 knives, turned over to the Police during confiscations and amnesties have been used to create the massive sculpture.  It includes, machetes, swords, cleavers as well as kitchen knives.  An amazing number of weapons.

Crowds arrived at the Cathedral to check out the impressive statue.  #KnifeAngel was created by Alfie Bradley at the British Ironwork Centre, Oswestry in Shropshire.  There were many impressed with the statue and the purpose of having it standing in a church yard.

Knife Angel raises awareness of the growing issue of knife crime across the UK.  It is a positive way to get the message across.  But the crime still exists and needs more than a statue to deal with it.

ynuk.tv was there.  We met a mother who told her story of how she lost her son to knife crime


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