UK Crime Highest In Decade – serious increase in violence and killings – 2017 data

UK Crime Highest In Decade
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UK Crime Highest In Decade – the official figures were a surprise if not a shock. This data  released summer 2017.   

Crime in England and Wales is at highest level in a decade. Violent crime increased by 18% in the last year, official figures show. Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed recorded crime went up by 10% on 2015-16. Violent crime was up by 18%, robbery by 16% and sex offences by 14%.

There was a Crime Survey published on same day.  Its results showed a drop of 7%.  This comes from information recorded by police and based on people’s experience.

Results from the ONS data was based on a face-to-face survey of 38,000 adults and children. They gave their response to experiences of crime in the previous year.

The method means it includes crimes that are never reported to the police.

ONS stats showed that at end of March this year, there were 123,142 officers across all ranks in England and Wales.

As it happened. Home Office published data revealing the number of police officers is the lowest since 1985.

Government is talking of making some changes in police numbers and by offering communities funds to tackle crime locally. video has more data



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