/Star Wars Episode X : New Jedi Order – teaser
Star Wars Episode X : New Jedi Order - teaser

Star Wars Episode X : New Jedi Order – teaser

Star Wars Episode X : New Jedi Order – teaser – December 2026

Star Wars Episode X : New Jedi Order – teaser

This teaser trailer offers a thrilling glimpse of what’s to come, hinting at Rey Skywalker’s quest to rebuild the Jedi Order after the events of  “The Rise of Skywalker.”

We see Rey, potentially older and wiser, training a new generation of Force-sensitive students.  Will they face new threats from the dark side?  What challenges will they encounter as they learn the ways of the Jedi?  The trailer keeps the plot details shrouded in mystery, but it leaves plenty of room for fan theories to ignite.

Director – Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Screenplay – Damon Lindelof – Justin Britt-Gibson – Steven Knight

Stars – Daisy Ridley – more to come



Whether John Boyega will return as Finn or Oscar Isaac will suit up again as Poe Dameron remains to be seen, but the trailer may offer some clues.

“Star Wars Episode X: New Jedi Order” is expected to be a standalone film, but whispers of follow-up movies suggest this could be the dawn of a new Star Wars era.  This teaser trailer is sure to set the Force ablaze with anticipation.  May the Fourth be with you…always!

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