/Zendaya aces at Challengers premiere London
Zendaya aces at Challengers premiere London

Zendaya aces at Challengers premiere London

Zendaya aces at Challengers premiere London – watch the scenes 

Zendaya aces at Challengers premiere London

Hollywood star Zendaya walked the red carpet in a tennis-themed outfit and scores an ace at London premiere of tennis drama “Challengers, Leicester Square.

Game, set, match: Zendaya on her ‘most unapologetically cruel character’ at UK premiere of film Challengers.

Large crowd of fans were overjoyed to catch a glimpse of the stars.

Dune star Zendaya swapped the desert for the tennis court in her new film Challengers.  The movie looks at power dynamics, love, and youth – and also stars The Crown’s Josh O’Connor and Tony award nominee Mike Faist.

Zendaya says her new film Challengers has gifted her the “most unapologetically cruel and direct” character she has ever played.

The Spider-Man actress attended the UK premiere of the Luca Guadagnino movie in London on Wednesday 10 April.

The star said it is a joy to have added Tashi Donaldson to her acting portfolio.

“She is so complex, complicated and messy, and I appreciate that about a character,” explains the 27-year-old.

“I don’t think you always love her. I don’t think you always hate her either and that was my challenge, to make sure that she has fragility and sensitivity as well as harshness and directness.”

The film Challengers in cinemas 26 April

Will you go and see this film?  Is it your kind of film?


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