/Lioness Mary Earps has a foot fetish
Lioness Mary Earps has a foot fetish

Lioness Mary Earps has a foot fetish

Lioness Mary Earps has a foot fetish – watch what she does

Lioness Mary Earps has a foot fetish

The Lioness joined A-listers Kirsten Dunst, David Walliams and musician Yung Filly for the popular ITV Jonathan Ross show aired Saturday night 30 March.

Mary happily talked about her career currently and before she started playing football.  Then Jonathan Ross brought up the subject of Mary having a fetish, a foot fetish in fact.

Mary was eager to demonstrate what she could do and asked for an apple.  This sent viewers into a massive spin. But don’t miss taking a look.  It is entertainment at its best. Although Mary did admit she was nervous.

There were fun and games while this happened.  First she rejected the first apple by throwing it at Jonathan and hitting him straight in the groin!

This hurt!! Poor Jonathan did a song and dance to help ease the pain.  Guests and audience were in fits of laughter as they watched the performance.

Then Mary got her foot out and amazingly grabbed hold of the apple with the toes.  It is astonishing.  And guess who she offere the apple to?

David Walliams loved the fun and grabbed the apple and started eating it.  Everyone roared with disgust and laughter.

Life on the red carpet for Mary Earps is a lot more exciting than life with the Red Devils this season for Earps, whose future remains uncertain with her contract due to expire this summer and news surrounding a new deal ominously quiet.

We wish her luck


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