/Seahorse Cake Highlights Dangers of Sea Pollution
Seahorse Cake Highlights Dangers of Sea Pollution

Seahorse Cake Highlights Dangers of Sea Pollution

Seahorse Cake Highlights Dangers of Sea Pollution. Plastic bottles and particles are the main danger for the Seahorse. Seabed littered with plastic. 

The Seahorse Cake stood 6ft tall at the Cake International in Birmingham. It was created by Cornish luxury cake makers, Peboryon, for Marine Conservation Society.

The Society wants to raise funds to help clean-up British oceans and coastline. The seahorse is among sea-life and birds in danger of extinction as rubbish and plastic increases each year.

Seahorses are dangerously close to extinction. Marine Conservation Society is urging the public to take care with plastic. It also wants plastic bottles to be recycled.

Scotland is doing so and Wales is not far behind.  Calls to have England do the same was made by the Society and other environmental supporters. Others want makers of the plastic bottles to share the load.


Latest research found that rubbish in British waters has soared by more than 150 per cent in a year.  Environmentalists urging radical changes be made to end the harm caused by the pollution.

Data from the research showed 80 per cent of litter found on the seabed was plastic.  It if often non-recyclable. Projections made by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) suggest it could deteriorate further.

Defra found an average of 358 pieces of litter per square kilometre of seabed in 2016. Up 158 per cent on 2015 and 222 per cent higher than the average in 1994.

The spike adds urgency to plans to investigate a plastic bottle deposit scheme in the UK.  Michael Gove called for an investigation into how a deposit and return scheme could improve recycling rates.

Only 57 per cent of plastic bottles sold in Britain last year recycled compared with 90 per cent in Germany and Denmark.

Photos courtesy Marine Conservation Society.


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Should more be done to tackle environment issues?  Get rid of plastic bags in shopping centres?  Do you have plastic bags?


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