/Police Video of Inside Grenfell Tower – stairs only way out
New Video of Inside Grenfell Tower

Police Video of Inside Grenfell Tower – stairs only way out

Police Video of Inside Grenfell Tower – Metropolitan Police confirm number of dead totalled 72 

In July 2017, the Met Police released a new video from inside Grenfell Tower.  It shows investigators battling to climb a burnt out stairwell. There are also haunting images of victims’ items on the stairs following the fire on June 14.

Police working at the scene have described how they are having to use sieves to search through debris to find fragments of bone and teeth in the flats.  Sergeant Alistair Hutchins from the Disaster Victim Identification Unit was one of the first to enter the block.  He said: We are looking at a fingertip search.

Police Quotes: For many people the events of that night will remain with them forever.  Each and every one of us involved from the Met is determined to do all we can to return those who died to their families.  Today, we remember all those who have been so deeply affected.

The harrowing footage shows the utter devastation the top floors suffered as a result of the intensity of the blaze on the upper levels.

Scorch marks and soot increase as police climb the stairs. Police have to stop to catch their breath towards the end of the video. It is a struggle

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If you live in the area of Grenfell it must be an emotional journey each day. The sight of the building must be heartbreaking to see on a daily basis.  Many still waiting for new homes.

Are you still waiting for a new home?


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