Walthamstow Mural Salutes Its People – welcome

Walthamstow Mural for the people
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In Walthamstow, right across from the local Blackhorse Road tube station you will come face to face with a Mural.  It can’t be missed because it says Welcome!

It also has a great red pulsing heart with workers carved on the artwork and the words: “to the home of people who make and create”.  So far it has won great admiration from many who live in the borough.

It was the idea of the Waltham forest Council.  In an unusual move they commissioned two artists to create a mural to go on display in the centre of the town reflecting the areas strong industrial and creative heritage.

Locals, Chris Bracey and Jon Blake won the contract and a budget of £13,000 to turn the face of Walthamstow into a big smile and welcome for the people who live and visit the area.

Both artists hope the mural will put a smile on people’s faces. And view it as a salute to them and their fore bearers.

But there was a difference of opinion among the community about the wording on the mural. got the story.

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