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Rob Jeffries Police Museum curator
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Supporters of the Thames Memorial Fund rewarded for their donations with a visit to the Thames Police Museum on the Thames in Wapping .  One of the most popular events on the river.

The guests told of some of the background and history of the River Police, the world’s first Police Force.  They contributed to the idea of a Monument for families who have lost loved ones to the River Thames.

Former River police officer and curator of the Police Museum, Rob Jefferies, presented the event.

Among the stories the visitors heard: the sinking of the Princess Alice in 1878 when struck by the tanker the Bywell Castle. More than 600 people died in the disaster.  Many by the polluted water after sewerage drained into the river where the vessel sank.  Amazing story. The audience fascinated and wanted to hear more.  Rob had a number of stories to tell.  The museum full of great artefacts from the Thames.  Pictures, original police uniforms on display.

Also at the special event was Clare Newton designer of the Monument structure and Val Hills a mother who’s son perished in the Thames in 2008.

Rob, Clare and Val are behind the initiative to create and build a monument where families can go and mourn their loved ones.

To check out how the project is progressing or to donate visit:


Watch the video to get close-up view of the Museum. Let us know what you think.  Visit our comment box and leave us a note.



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