Thames Memorial – Police Cases

mobile phones a saviour
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Thames Memorial

The Thames River Police were the World’s first organised police force.

The Marine Police have been protecting life and property and preventing crime on the Thames since 1798.

Former river beat officer, Robert  Jeffries welcomes the Thames Well Wishing Memorial dedicated to those who died in the river.His background as a policeman and experience with the raw side of the Thames has led him to meet members of families who lost loved ones to the river, through either: suicide, accidents or crime.

Not so long ago Val Hills, a victims mother, made contact with Robert which resulted in a plan to build a monument near the Thames as a place to remember or mourn those who died in the water.

Robert is now, Honorary Curator of the Thames River Police Museum, located at Wapping Police Station.  He has fascinating and emotional stories to tell about some of the cases he dealt with during his career.  He also offers a unique insight into the history of deaths and how smart phones are now saviours of the Thames.

Thames Memorial

Robert Jeffries takes part in the Thames Well Wishing Memorial Fund video which can be viewed on this channel

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