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Sex Workers Parliament and Criminalisation

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn believes the ‘sex industry’ should be decriminalised. However, not straight forward to do. So, sex workers campaigning for change

Talking to students in London 3 March 2016,  Corbyn spoke about how he wanted a society where people not automatically criminalised.

The comments criticised by ex-Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman.  She said prostitution considered exploitation and abuse and not an industry.  Harman against the new Labour leader’s policy.

Amnesty International voted August 11, 2015, to support policy that called for decriminalisation of the sex trade.  This a good move for prostitutes.

The English Collective of Prostitutes and the US PROStitutes Collective welcomed the move. Both commented that it’s rooted in respect. Also to protect and fulfil the human rights of sex workers.  Can it be achieved?


March 2014, Sex workers from across the UK and rest of Europe crammed into a select committee room in the House of Commons. They were there to argue against plans to change prostitution laws that would criminalise clients.  This not what they are after.

The parliamentary meeting was hosted by Labour MP John McDonnell . Organised by the English Collective of Prostitutes and the People’s Parliament.

A difficult debate but a chance to bring issues out into the open. A loud and heartfelt argument made by many in the room.  The argument roughly the same but told through different stories.  The video consists of sound bites from many of the stories.

ynuk.tv inside to follow the debate


The process continues and taking long time to reach parliament. This only way to change the system.

Prostitutes need to make a living.  This is a job. Important to have work and do it legally.  But difficult under the circumstances.  Legislation required to help sex workers do their job without police intervention.

Do you agree they have a right to work? Let us know your thoughts.  Drop by our comment box below and leave your views. We would like to hear from you. Support is what prostitutes need to get their message through to parliament. Understanding is key to their progress. Don’t be shy.  Make contact. Despite certain views the work of a prostitute is valuable.  Rules and regulations surround what they do. Health is important and each worker needs a clean health certificate to work.  Safety also important. Walking the streets not best way to find clients.  Owning their property would help.  Locations difficult for them to find. Stigma exists. Prostitutes need to move forward for a better future.


Would you help with this? Would you leave your remarks in our comment box? Don’t have to leave a name. What are your thoughts on the issue?  We would love to hear from you.  We’re here 24/7 and enjoy chatting.  Tell us about your experience with the channel.  Have you visited our other pages?  There are loads of exciting and diverse video stories to view.





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