/John Swinney new SNP Leader – vows a ‘new chapter’
John Swinney new SNP Leader

John Swinney new SNP Leader – vows a ‘new chapter’

John Swinney new SNP Leader – vows a ‘new chapter’ in party’s history

John Swinney new SNP Leader.

The new leader, John Swinney, vowed a “new chapter” in the SNP’s history after confirmation as party leader.

The former deputy first minister pledged to find “common ground” among political opponents.

A  leadership contest avoided after a veteran SNP activist withdrew rival bid following talks with Mr Swinney.

Current first minister Humza Yousaf expected to formally step down on Tuesday.  Yousaf announced his resignation last week

In a speech in Glasgow, Mr Swinney, 60, admitted the party been through a “rough time”.

He told supporters: “Today, the beginning of a new chapter in our party’s history.  A chapter that will be about uniting, coming together and dedicating ourselves to the service of Scotland.”

Mr Swinney described how he envisaged a country where “people have good jobs, the climate is protected, the vulnerable are lifted up and opportunity is available for all”.

Swinney said politics are in the “worst state” and that he had personally played a role in polarisation.

But he vowed that if selected as first minister he would attempt to bridge divides and seek “common ground” with opposition parties.

The new party leader expected to be nominated by MSPs as First Minister by Tuesday.

Last week potential leadership rival Kate Forbes – who served as finance secretary under Nicola Sturgeon – confirmed she would not stand.


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