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ynuk-portrait-109x75ynuk.tv, is a community powered news channel which began broadcasting in May 2011.  The ouput offers diverse and creative video stories not seen anywhere else.  It also has vibrant entertainment, life and style pages.  Many events, functions or activities in various neighbourhoods are newsworthy and while they may not fit into mainstream news broadcasts, they can fit into YourNewsUktv.  This is why ynuk.tv is a fresh new network that has an output inspired by people in communities across the UK.  They help fill the content with varied, original items and videos.  ynuk.tv is proud to have stories that have emerged from the nation’s neighbourhoods and offer news that tell another story.

Your ideas, suggestions, comments are welcome   ynuktv@gmail.com

Editor: Rosie Hayes

Had the opportunity at ITN to embark on a journalistic career that ended up in various parts of the UK, Cuba, Russia and Qatar. In the UK there was Sky News and BBC and its 24 hour news network followed by an invitation in 2005 to join a small team in Moscow to launch a 24 hour English speaking news satellite channel called Russia Today, now known as RT.  Made a final trip abroad in 2010 by spending a couple of months with Al Jazeera in Doha working in their 24 hour  newsroom.  Now the world of online broadcasting became an exciting new challenge of  journalism and it led to developing YourNewsUKtv a new concept in community news.  We began broadcasting in May 2011

A HD channel with video content inspired by the people

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