Banksy Brexit Mural to be Sold – fans just love it!

Banksy Brexit Mural to be Sold

Banksy Brexit Mural to be Sold – sited not far from the ferry terminal to France

It hasn’t been up for long but the Banksy Brexit Mural is to be sold.  The owners of the disused building where the mural was painted are to remove it.  Due to plans for regeneration the old structure will have to be knocked down.  But there are plans for any money raised from the sale to go to charity.

The massive artwork appeared Sunday, May 7. News reports had to wait until Banksy confirmed it was his before they could tell the story.  He did so when he posted pics on his Instagram page.

Now, Banksy’s mural raised a number of questions about his view on Brexit because of its location in Dover.  It is not far from the Ferry terminal to France and rest of Europe.  Critics believe he was sending a message that could be interpreted either for or against Brexit.  Also, the main reaction was that the artist was also having a go at relations between Britain and EU.

We went to Dover to take a look and found crowds were amazed by the painting.  We spoke to fans who told us they just loved the artwork Brexit or no Brexit.

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