/ESA: Ariane 6 first flight
ESA: Ariane 6 first flight

ESA: Ariane 6 first flight

ESA: Ariane 6 first flight – Europe’s new rocket – watch LIVE 

ESA: Ariane 6 first flight

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Ariane 6 launched on 9 July 2024 from 15:0019:00 local time at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana (19:0023:00 BST, 9 July 20:00–10 July 00:00 CEST).

Happy faces all round!  Rocket is flying high in the sky.

This is a big moment for Europe.  The rocket ensures our guaranteed, autonomous access to space.  Also all of the science, Earth observation, technology development and commercial possibilities that it entails.  With many features brand new to Ariane 6.  The rocket able to carry more and take it further,  sustainably disposing of the launcher’s upper stage to prevent it becoming space debris.

Phase 1: From ground to orbit

The first phase of Ariane 6’s flight will launch the rocket off Earth and into space with the thrust from the main stage powered by the Vulcain engine.  This  together with the force from the two powerful P120C boosters. Phase 1 includes the separation of the main stage from the upper stage.  The first boost of the upper stage’s Vinci engine, which inserts it and its passengers into an elliptical orbit 300 by 700 km above Earth. First flight of Ariane 6 has three phases, each of which will demonstrate various abilities for Europe’s newest heavy-lift rocket.


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