/‘It’s been a huge shock’: Princess Kate has cancer
'It's been a huge shock': Princess Kate has cancer

‘It’s been a huge shock’: Princess Kate has cancer

‘It’s been a huge shock’: Princess Kate has cancer – and a shock to the nation

‘It’s been a huge shock’: Princess Kate has cancer

The Princess of Wales has revealed in an emotional video message that she is being treated for cancer.

In a video filmed by BBC Studios earlier this week, Kate opened up about her recent absence from public life.

Kate explained that tests after her abdominal surgery in January had discovered the presence of cancer. The Princess of Wales put on a preventative course of chemotherapy in February. This coincided with Prince William pulling out of a memorial service for the late King Constantine of Greece.

Catherine said recovery from her surgery in January, for a condition which has not been revealed, had taken time and the priority was now reassuring her family.

She said the family now needs “some time, space and privacy”.

Following online rumours and speculation about her health and whereabouts, Kate made a plea for space and privacy for her family at this difficult time.

The King and Queen informed of the news about the princess’s health prior to Friday’s announcement – and King Charles himself has also been undergoing treatment for cancer.

King Charles and Catherine briefly treated at the London Clinic private hospital at the same time – Catherine had  abdominal surgery there and the King  admitted for a “corrective procedure” for an enlarged prostate.

Prince Harry and Meghan say they “wish health and healing for Kate and the family”.


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