New Fashion Meets Angelman – cool combination

New Fashion Meets Angelman Syndrome
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New Fashion Meets Angelman.  A combination made to be together

A presentation of fresh new fashion created by national and international designers was held at the Pullman Hotel in London 27 April 2019.  It was displayed in an atmosphere of excitement and great achievement.  Designers eager to show their fashions to the public.

A networking event for fashion and lifestyle businesses, entrepreneurs. Fashion designers from the UK, America and Europe took part in the soiree. A stunning catwalk where models were some stunning clothes.

It was organised by Angelman Syndrome Collections that aims to raise awareness of the rare euro-genetic disorder. Organiser Joanna Marcella believes the fashion industry is a perfect platform for supporting the AS world.  Don’t miss the video where you’ll see a taster of what’s new.

The Presentation was an international platform for emerging fashion designers and artists. Artistic designers the main centres of fashion were there.

Are you a fashion designer, artist?  Want to participate? There’s a lot going with Joanna. You can email:

A little about AS:  It is not a disease, it is a neurological disorder that causes severe learning difficulties. Although those affected have a normal life expectancy, they will require looking after throughout their lives.

For more visit:

There is also a helpline: 0300 999 0102 or if you prefer to write their free postal address is:

PO Box 4962
CV11 9FD


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