Sustainable Silk Makes High Fashion – handmade in England

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Sustainable Silk Makes High Fashion. All of it handmade in England. Emily Carter is one of the UK’s most talented designers.  Watch her talk through her skills.

An award winning fashion designer uses British silk for her creations.  Based in London, Emily Carter chose the fabric for its smooth soft feel and sustainability. She then adds her own pattern ideas based on flora, fauna and nature with some retro thrown in.

Emily chooses the people who will work on her fashion from a factory near Sheffield. They hand craft designs and complete the silk garments by hand.

But a lot of work is done from her small apartment in Hammersmith.  The designer also has a full-time job to help pay for her creative career.

Emily talked to about craftsmanship, and having a brand that’s made in England.  Also the ethics of making your own product.

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