Shark Hooked On Roof – Council efforts to have it removed failed

Shark Stays Hooked On Roof
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Shark Hooked On Roof.  Local council has wanted it gone for some years but failed.

The fibreglass fish was installed on the roof of a house in Headington, Oxford in 1986. Owner Bill Heine commissioned the sculpture and fought and won long legal battle with the council to keep it.

A few years ago a bank wanted to repossess the house and remove the shark. But son Magnus stepped-in bought the property and saved the fish.  A good thing too because it looks like the shark is not going to go anywhere.

Visitors regularly drop by to take a look at the shark.  On the whole, it is regarded as a perfect addition to the community.  It also attracts visitors and tourists.

Bill Heine died (2 April 2019) and locals talked to and paid tribute to his sculpture.

What do you think of the sculpture?  Is it your kind of thing for your roof?  It is a very attractive piece of work.


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