/Brexit Forcing Couples to Consider Separation
Brexit Forcing Couples to Consider Separation

Brexit Forcing Couples to Consider Separation

Brexit Forcing Couples to Consider Separation.  What does it mean for love?

Award winning photographer Laura Pannack has put together 13 portraits of EU and UK partners living in London. Known as Separation, they tell the stories of what the future may hold for them.

One half of each couple is British and the other moved to the UK from Europe.

Separation explores the angst and emotions experienced by the London-based couples. Forced to contemplate separation as a result of the UK leaving the EU.   Brexit has long filled column inches for its political implications. But what does it mean for love?

The couples that feature in Separation are all of different nationalities. They include British, Italian. Finnish,Bulgarian, Spanish. Polish, Swedish, French and German. 

At least one half of the partners works in London’s creative sector. It is a diverse and thriving industry. And long been a draw for Europeans moving to the capital. Will this continue?

The Series

The series was commissioned by the British Journal of Photography.  Created with Affinity Photo, the professional editing software for iPad.  Affinity Photo was used by Laura throughout the Separation photo shoot. It is Apple’s iPad App of the Year 2017

She said: There was no way to approach the idea of Brexit without involving relationships and humanity. Love is something that we can all relate to.

The portraits are not only pure creative pics but also unique. They tell how they met and got together. Should they go?  Could the rules include a staying power for them?  It is complicated but talent should be kept.  Britain needs them.

Watch the video where some of the couples talk their experiences. Also catch them as they prepare to have their portraits taken. It is a fascinating view.

For more visit:  https://www.bjp-online.com/


What do you think of the portraits? Do you believe Europeans with partners be allowed to stay? Many of them lived in London for a number of years. Discussions still going on between the EU and Britain. But whether it will change anything at the moment it is difficult to say.  Couples in London are on a knife-edge. Uncertainty is a part of their daily life. Some have children born in Britain. Do they separate? Will it split families? Their skills are needed. They are creative and diverse.


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