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Thames Well Wishing Memorial Fund

Thames Well Wishing Memorial Fund. Launched All Hallow Church, Tower of London

It is estimated that the River Thames claimed the lives of 50 people a year either through suicide, accidents or crime. The results from private research carried out by former River Police officer, Robert Jeffries. He also found that many who have lost someone close to them have nowhere to go along the Thames to mourn.

Remember who died

Now that is all going to change.  Award winning Designer and inventor Clare Newton has taken up the challenge.  She has designed a monument that will be placed by the River for the grieving public. Be a part of this unique venture that will provide somewhere to go to remember the ones who died in the Thames. The aim is to have a focal point for anybody who feels the need to remember or commemorate a lost life that was dear to them.


The project needed public funding.  Clare has set-up the Thames Well Wishing Memorial Fund where you can find more on the collaboration. Join us – losing a loved one is hard – having a memorial is forever.

To participate visit: http://thamesmemorial.wix.com/fund


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