/Meet Olympian Skateboarding Champion Sky Brown
Meet Olympian Skateboarding Champion Sky Brown

Meet Olympian Skateboarding Champion Sky Brown

Meet Olympian Skateboarding Champion Sky Brown – sensational

Meet Olympian Skateboarding Champion Sky Brown

She is the 15-year-old Olympian giving skateboarding its breakthrough into mainstream sports and inspiring a new generation of young athletes.

Astonishingly though, teenager is already worth £3.5 million after signing a deal to be the youngest ever face of luxury watch brand, Tag Heuer.

And as she builds her own brand up, she is even bringing out a children’s book, which she hopes will teach kids to face their fears and learn skateboarding.

Next month she will even launch her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of which is a part biography and part guide to the sport.

Sky said “I’ve always wanted to inpsire and spread my message. I wrote a song.  And I thought a book could be another good way and I’m really excited it’s out soon.”

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Congratulations Sky Brown you won Bronze and are the youngest TeamGb medallist!

Sky is one of the most exciting personalities in skateboarding and is Britain’s youngest ever Olympian as she competed at Tokyo 2020 in 2021.Despite being 13 years old when she drops into the purpose-built skate-park for the Olympics in Japan, Sky is one of the favourites.

Her father is British, and the family believed the nation of his birth was her best chance of international recognition.

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