Halloween Costumes Scary or Daring­čśł – vampires voodoo or even ‘blood’

Halloween Costumes Scary or Daring
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Halloween Costumes Scary or Daring­čśł┬á Have great time. Enjoy this special night.

October 31 is a night when you can let your hair down and become immersed in the world of vampires, voodoo or even ‘blood’.

One of the key items for the Halloween is the costume. Bin liners, white sheets have morphed into a tradition of women dressing up in skimpy garments and animal ears. The choice is massive. Can be found on the High Street or online.

But sisters Laura and Claire who own one of the best costume shops in London have other ideas for the October 31 dresser. ┬áThere is a saying it is ‘One night of the year a girl can dress like a slut’.

It is the time of year people can be outrageous and fun. Costumes are important part of having a great night. Looking scary is an art. Make-up is also important. Masks add an incredible sense of witchcraft and fear.

Catch what the sister’s have to say about the new trends of costumes for October 31. Visit



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