Japanese Sake Not Wine but a Brew – great taste

Japanese Sake selection there are quite a few
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Sake is not a wine but a brew its main ingredient is rice

Meet Barry McCaughley an expert who was once a wine lover but now prefers the Japanese brew.

Rebecca Dunphy, also a wine lover and connoisseur, talks to him about the growing demand in the Japanese drink and what makes it so good and special to the Westerner.

She admits the drink is a winner and could easily replace vino at many tables and restaurants.

The two got together at Chotto Matte, one of the most inspirational restaurants to open in London’s Soho. It really gets the taste buds going with its fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.

Topping them with the best in Japan’s sake and best of all they make fantastic cocktails. You will see and learn more about that in the video.

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic drink made of fermented rice, koji (often translated as rice malt or yeast made from rice) and water.  In Japanese, the word ‘sake’ also means alcoholic beverages in general.

Festive Season:

Our two experts say Sake makes a great festive drink for Christmas.  Barry reckons Koshu (aged Sake) is a must try with mince pies – the two flavours are excellent he says. Rebecca goes for the super fresh tasty cocktail with a Sake base and an edible flower – it is super delicious and quite strong!  Both drinks are in the video – have Sake fun during the holiday season


Barry McCaughley –

Rebecca Dunphy,

Chotto Matte

Please drink responsibly



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