Rebecca a Stellar Person of Wine – tasted the best

Stellar person Rebecca Dunphy
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Rebecca a Stellar Person of wine – she has the knowledge

From enjoying a social drink and admitting to occasionally being drunk Rebecca Dunphy is now a presenter and connoisseur of wine.

The delicate smell and taste of the grape become a specialty for Rebecca.  The morning after experience of a headache or hangover no longer on the drinks agenda.

A trip to Italy led her to want to get to know wine better.  And while on a visit to Australia committed to finding out the science behind a good wine and got stuck into some heavy research.

This expertise put Rebecca Dunphy at the top of the wine tasting industry in the UK and makes her a YourNewsUktv stellar person.

But Rebecca encountered barriers on her way up particularly from men. Wine tasting considered to be for men only

Rebecca tells how she won them over.  There’s more:




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