Thames Memorial – Mother Mourns Loss of Son

Thames Memorial Val Hills - mother
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Thames Memorial the mother’s story

It was Christmas Eve 2008 and a phone call came through to Val Hills at home. It was the police. They told her they had found her son Daniel Paul in the River Thames. He was 30 years old. She was devastated and heartbroken and has had difficulty in coming to terms with the death of Daniel.

Monument born

But since then she has met other families who had River Thames losses and emotional experiences.  Before long Val knew what would help bring some peace of mind.  She made contact with a then River Police officer, Rob Jeffries, and explained the situation.  Between them the idea of a monument was born.


Val welcomes the Thames Well Wishing Memorial because it will help her and others to be closer to the ones they have lost. Having a monument by the River Thames will give some solace to the grieving families.  The memorial is in the planning stage and funds are needed to buy materials and have it built. There are more details

Here’s Val sharing memories of her son Daniel.

Thames Memorial

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