/Illegal Tattooing Major Health Risk – take care
Alice in Wonderland tattoo went badly wrong

Illegal Tattooing Major Health Risk – take care

Illegal Tattooing

A 58 year old man pleaded guilty to carrying out unlicensed tattoo work when he appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates Court, November 12, 2014.  

Frank Lumley admitted to the offence after Fiona Hall complained about the inking she had done not knowing he worked illegally.  It led to health checks for tests including HIV and hepatitis.

Lumley was ordered to pay £760 compensation and £100 court fees.  He apologised to Ms Hall and expressed ‘deep regret’.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has urged the government to take action against ‘scratchers’ – illegal tattooing. It warns of a major threat to public health as demands for tattooing and body piercing have dramatically increased.

Local authorities are currently using existing licensing and registration powers as well as adopted bylaws to stem the worst practices, but increasing numbers of tattooists and piercers -scratchers- are operating outside of these controls.  This can often mean that local authority officers can only take action once things go wrong

In February, 2014, an illegal tattooist jailed for 4 months after his botched work left a young woman’s back permanently scarred. Tony Newlands, 29, was given the sentence after a Carlisle court heard he worked in his girlfriend’s kitchen.

The Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union, TPIU, also called on immediate action to stop the illegal trade.   ynuk.tv for more on the story.  Don’t miss the video


Tattoos are the most popular extras to human body.  Guys and gals wear the inking. All over the body or just parts.  Legs and arms popular areas for a tattoo. Back, chest and face close second. Fingers crossed doesn’t go wrong.  Licensed Salons dotted across the country.  Salons found on regular high streets around the corner from your home.

Had a tattoo?  Did you do it at a licensed salon?  Talked into a tattoo without a license?  Do you have a tattoo story to tell?  Let us know.  We would love to hear from you. Drop by the comment box below and leave a message






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