Ugliest Town in UK – unfair judgement

Ugliest Town in Britain- no character
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An unfair judgement said many in the town. Hemel Hempstead was top of a list of ugliest places to live.  A survey run by the website Crap Towns Returns found that it polled 785 out of more than 3,000 votes.

Hemel Hempstead was ahead of Luton, Slough, Bracknell and Birmingham in the list. But the poll has made some people in the town a bit unhappy.  They defended the Hertfordshire town being the most imattractive town and condemned the poll.  Authors of the poll admit a team member has been to Hemel Hempstead and could see why it got the worst town and gave details of why it’s the worst.

So, went to meet the locals and  found they disagreed with the results.

Was it a fair or unfair result?  Leave a comment its got to be better than the poll!!

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