Beatles Return New Artists Not Sure – Cavern Club Liverpool

Beatles Return New Artists Not Sure
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Beatles Return New Artists Not Sure.  Will the Fab Four get together for the opening ceremony of the  London 2012 Olympics?  Sir Paul McCartney did perform.

Fab four

Ringo Starr and the sons of George and John did not join him to make up the FAB FOUR!  It was rumoured there would be a reunion for the Games. It would have been a fantastic occasion if it had happened.  More than 50 years ago they blew the world with live performances transmitted around the Globe. How great it would have been to see them altogether again.  No doubt a demand that couldn’t happen.


Now musicians can do it on the net but becoming famous is like a Hard Days Night. Studios maybe open on the big worldwide web but it is still a struggle to attract a big record deal or top the charts.  How do they survive?  Artists don’t give up they continue with their ambitions


On a trip to Liverpool met local musicians eager to make it big.  They were fans of the Fab Four’s music but also thought that John, Paul, George and Ringo were in the past.  Music used with permission of artists


Are you a Beatles fan?  What do you think of the Fab Four?  Let us know.  Drop us a line in the comment box and give us your view on their music. Would you like the remaining Beatles to get together again?

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