Liverpool Football Fans Overwhelmed – non-stop celebrations

Liverpool Football Fans Overwhelmed
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Liverpool Football Fans Overwhelmed. Celebrations in full swing.  Watch the video to capture the spread of wonder!

Liverpool’s win against Barcelona on Tuesday May 7 left fans speechless. The final score of 4-0 had the Anfield Stadium heaving with song and total admiration. spoke to fans and followers of the Club. Thank you LFCTV for ‘Stand Alone’ audio

Football fans overjoyed that Barcelona thrashed.  The Spanish supporters also applauded Liverpool on their magnificent game.

Did you go to the game?  If so let us know your thoughts.  Was it the greatest game ever?  Drop by our comment box below and leave your views.

Liverpool FC plays Tottenham in an all-English Champions League final. Spurs boss said he was ‘inspired by Liverpool. Arsenal beat Ajax in Amsterdam.  May the best team win!  Although we can’t help but hope that Liverpool succeeds.  Fans are pouring into Spain for the match at Atletico Madrid.


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