Football Fans in Defence – is it still happening?

football racism anfield
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Racism among fans a significant problem according to a House of Commons report. But racism in football not a new story.

The FA urged to intervene with racist comments at football matches in England. However FA refer to guidelines and clubs meant to follow them. The controversial issue difficult to impose on fans.  Even though FA aware of the complaints made about racist remarks during games, they say in reality, it is just banter.

Liverpool FC singled out and in the front line after a fan was accused of racial abuse against a player. But a denial it was meant as a racist remark.  Many say it is difficult when a crowd of supporters are together and get carried away with what is said and don’t take into account what can or cannot be verbally used at a football match.

Stoke football fans at Jan 14 0-0 draw at Anfield chanted racist bastards at Liverpool supporters.  Fans told YNUKtv behaviour generally good and just banter.

Does it still go on? Your comments welcome below



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