Coping with the Big C – dedicated blog

Coping with the Big C

Coping with the Big C

BECKI A FINALIST IN THE UK BLOG AWARDS.  She entered the category of most innovative individual and won praise for her work.  Beki’s blog dedicated to coping with the Big C.


A cancer booklet was compiled by Becki McGuinness and funded by charity @fixersUK.  The Charity helps young people speak out about anything believed needs change.

Flipping through the pages you will find that the booklet can act as understanding and coming to terms with the mechanism for all involved.

Check out what is new.


Becki has Osteosarcoma and regularly offers advice and guidance on coping with the Big C. Becki can be reached @LoveEire4eva.

You will be inspired by what you see and read.  Visit Becki here:


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