guns Jamie Johnston helps make them

Guns Made to Order🔨 – new London factory

It is a long haul on the factory floor but after 5 years you can get one of the best jobs in the country. Purdey pride themselves in the apprenticeship they offer and choose people from all walks of life. Watch how some found themselves on a path they thought they would never take – others found it ideal

Hesketh 24 Up Close

Hesketh 24 Up Close – an exciting new…

An all-new motorcycle has been designed to mark 40 years of James Hunt F1 victory driving a Hesketh car in Holland in 1975. The new owner of the classic marque is to build 24 bikes as a tribute – was invited to see work in progress

BMW Roy Lichtenstein Art Car: 1977

BMW Art Cars Get Car Park Showing –…

Stunning collection of BMW art cars that span more than 25 years. World renowned artists like Hockney, Warhol and Lichtenstein have their painted cars on show! The exhibition was in a multi-storey car park in Shoreditch. Check the video to find out why.

Qatar to host World Cup

Qatar Heats Up World Cup – celebrations –…

FIFA may be forced to take a re-vote on where the World Cup should be held in 2022. Allegations of corruption continue to emerge and Sony one of the main sponsors is calling for an investigation into the claims. People of Doha celebrated when the controversial announcement was made

football racism anfield

Football Fans in Defence – is it still…

UEFA launching investigation into reports Inter Milan football fans racially abused Tottenham players during last Thursday’s (Mar 14) Europa League. Behaviour of football fans still a major issue. FA urged to discipline Liverpool fans who have been criticised. They denied this to YNUKtv at a match in Anfield last year

controversial statue

Michael Jackson Statue Fulham – disliked by fans

The statue was removed from Fulham FC when new owner arrived and returned to Mohamed Al Fayed. When Al-Fayed installed the tribute he infuriated supporters by telling them to “go to hell” if they didn’t like it. Watch reaction from fans at the time