/SpaceX CRS-30 ISS Docking
SpaceX CRS-30 ISS Docking

SpaceX CRS-30 ISS Docking

SpaceX CRS-30 ISS Docking – success

SpaceX CRS-30 ISS Docking

Watch full LIVE coverage of the rendezvous and docking of NASA’s SpaceX CRS-30 mission to the International Space Station. Docking scheduled for approx. 7:30 am ET

SpaceX’s 30th cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

This uncrewed blast off of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft carries tech that monitors sea ice.  Also research into off-planet photosynthesis, studies to improve nanoparticle solar cells.

And essential supplies for our astronauts living and working aboard the orbiting laboratory.

Ultra high-definition cameras from a UK start-up hitches a ride to the International Space Station later.

The 4K system from SEN.COM attached to the front of the orbital outpost.  This to capture what are expected to be some stunning views of Earth.

The London company already streams live video from a small satellite it launched in 2022.

The ISS cameras will be carried up on the latest US space agency re-supply mission.  Then transported inside

More than 2.5 tonnes of food, clothing, equipment and scientific experiments are due to launch atop a SpaceX rocket from Florida

On arrival, SEN’s camera payload prepped by the station crew.  It is then put through an airlock, placed on the Bartolomeo deck.  This a piece of exterior structure connected to the European Columbus science module.

One camera will look straight ahead at the horizon, capturing sunrises and sunsets, as well as the northern and southern lights.

A second camera will point straight down, to focus on what’s happening on Planet Earth. The capacity scene size will be about 180km by 240km (110 miles by 150 miles). It will see features as small as 60m across.

The controlling software should be able to adjust the exposures so that when the station moves into darkness, city lights will be visible.

A third camera directed at the forward docking point to record the comings and goings of space capsules.  The SpaceX Dragon ship and the soon-to-debut Boeing Starliner.

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