Best UK Record Shops 🎼 – vinyl sellers on the increase

best record shops sell vinyl
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Some of the best UK record shops are seeing an increase in vinyl sales. Not so long ago music experts were called on to nominate their favourite shops across the country.

There were eleven who were given high praise.  Those who selected the shops were specialists as writers and musicians.  Their results can be found in the October 25 edition of the newspaper.

Anyway we wanted to do a check for ourselves so we went to a couple of them – Piccadilly Records in Manchester who opened their shop back in 1978 welcomed us. So did BooknRecord Bar in South London.  Their shop used to be a pub but now it’s selling vinyl records, coffee and second-hand books. It opened 2013.  We found there is an amazing popularity among the young people.  They seem to  be happy to dip into their pockets for a turntable to play the spinning disc.

Many of the record shops offer other rock and roll stuff like live music, regular DJs, cafe, bar.

Take the music journey with us as we look at the record shops and the pop culture that oozes from the record shelves.  Vinyl is fun

Connect with Piccadilly Records:

Connect with BooknRecord Bar:


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